Last Updated: December 10, 2022

Senior Software Engineer based in the San Jose, CA area

Contact Information

Professional Experience

Microsoft - Senior Software Engineer - (08/2020 - Present)
  • Contributing to the development of Microsoft Teams.
  • Author of and lead engineer for Compose Framework use within Microsoft Teams messaging experiences and other features.
    • Providing rich text editing capabilities for chat, and channel posts
    • Lead migration from legacy Compose Framework to the latest version of the Compose Framework in a cross-organization manner
    • Managed development lifecycle to deliver a completely new version of the framework from inception to production-quality within 1 year
    • Expert knowledge in leveragin the CKEditor 5 framework.
  • Performance engineering for Microsoft Loop components in Teams
  • Contributing to framework, performance, and feature development in Teams messaging features
Front App - Software Engineer - (10/2019 - 08/2020)
  • Full stack developer as a part of the Platform, and Customer Centric Communications (CCC) team for the Front email client.
  • Contributed to rearchitecting, and implementing contact management within the service.
  • Platform work consisted of integration error framework development, and authentication within the app with partners (third party)
Microsoft - Software Engineer 2 - (02/2018 - 10/2019)
  • Contributed development of the transport layer for the core framework used by the collaborative live-editing components in Microsoft Teams.
  • Previously worked on Skype consumer web and application service performance
    • Improved distributed notification service performance from 60 min to 10 min per notification period (6.00x)
    • Increased the performance of internal account-deletion service in preparation for the GDPR compliance with utilization of basic table-based hashing algorithm. (1 month to 8 minutes after optimization)
    • Reduced the Skype Integrations JavaScript add-in load and rendering time by an average of 4.15x over simulated slow 3G networks.
  • Owned and maintained the Skype Bot Channel configuration page on Microsoft Azure Bot Services.
  • Wrote and maintained design documents which were used cross-organization as references
IBM - Staff Software Engineer - (04/2017 - 02/2018)
  • Full stack engineer performing web development for IBM Direct Link, a cloud service using modern front-end technologies.
  • Developed management, and monitoring components for internal application controlling cloud platform with job queue to monitor device connection status.
  • Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, React, Oracle SQL
TSheets - Software Engineer - (10/2016 - 04/2017)
  • Improved performance of Android WebView component to offload rendering UI components to the GPU.
    • Achieved 60 fps on scrolling and animation from ~15 fps for web and mobile applications.
  • Created and maintained authorized device and configuration components along with enhancement and implementation of device authorization token refresh scheme.
  • Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Yardi Systems - Software Engineer - (06/2012 - 10/2016)
  • Development and maintenance of web features, and pharmaceutical systems for the Yardi EHR web application.


Recent Personal Projects

Gradient Domain Editing
Teaching Marching Squares
Shaded Teapot
  • Framework for creating JRPG computer, and console video games
  • Provides procedural item generation, inventory system, character, enemy, and menu system.
  • Interoperable with other game engines such as Unity3D
  • Source: